Our Vision

Trinity Church exists to make more and better followers of Jesus.

Our Values


Jesus tells us to make disciples and to teach them to do all that He commands. We make more disciples as we share the Love of our lives with our friends. We make better disciples through worship, preaching, teaching, discipling, community groups and all the other ministries of Trinity Church.


Jesus intends that all of his followers participate in Christian community. More than participate, He intends that his followers immerse themselves in Christian community! We want to experience the love of Christ in authentic relationships with one another and with our friends who are learning about Jesus. So we’re cultivating a rich climate of love, joy, and fellowship in Christ. Our Community Groups are our primary means for developing authentic community.


We are the body of Christ. Jesus has given every one of us gifts for service. Our pastors are to equip us to use those gifts and do the work of ministry. The idea of investing our time in eternal-kingdom stuff thrills us. We don’t want to be the sit-on-your-backside-and-do-nothing kind of Christians.  We want to make a big dent in the world.


We want to be a church that is wisely relevant. This means we’ll seek to discern which parts of the culture we should challenge and which parts we should accept or redeem. It is biblically wise to be culturally relevant. It is biblically unwise to be culturally irrelevant. We are not of the world yet we are in the world. We will struggle to be both faithful to God and Scripture and relevant to the world around us. This struggle requires biblical wisdom.