Community groups are central to life at Trinity and they’re one of the best places for building authentic friendships. In our groups we eat (sometimes), laugh, study scripture, pray and serve together. The focus of our groups is on four gospel identities: family, missionaries, servants and learners. Here’s what we mean by these identities:


Jesus said that His family is those who do the will of God. In the Bible we are called brothers and sisters in Christ. So we are family. Each community group consists of 10–20 people who are learning to live and love as family. This is where we really get connected. And this is where all of the rich “one-another’s” of the New Testament are lived out.


One of the greatest joys in following Jesus is found in helping others to follow Him. We want to be disciples who make disciples. The missionary field is the world – including our part of the world. So we want to live as missionaries; we want to make more and better disciples right here in our part of the field. In our community groups, we help each other to make disciples in the natural, everyday rhythms of life.


Jesus said that he “came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many.”  We want to be like him. In our community groups we’re learning to serve one another through love. And we’re learning to serve our communities and those who haven’t met Jesus yet.


This is just another word for “disciples.” As learners, we are disciples of Jesus who take responsibility for our own development and for the development of others. We learn and help others to learn to do all that Jesus taught us .

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